quinta-feira, 23 de agosto de 2012

Zayn Malik returns to Twitter

Posts with insults had taken off the singer
 One Direction
Zayn Malik has decided to reactivate your Twitter account.
The One Direction star left the social network last Monday (21) due to the "hatred" of some users of microblogging. At the time, the singer asked his fans to communicate with him by the group page.
"Sorry, I've been receiving harassing messages on Twitter, but do not want to disappoint my fans, so I came back!" Wrote Malik today (23).
In April, the 20-year old Anna Crotti canceled a meeting with the artist after receiving taunting the network.
Louis Tomlinson, bandmate Malik, also expressed his displeasure with the messages of a similar nature received by his girlfriend, Eleanor Calder.
Lucy Horobin, alleged ex-girlfriend of Harry Styles, had been forced to leave because of Twitter insults from fans of the singer, while Caroline Flack, presenter of 32 years with whom he had a brief relationship Styles, reportedly received death threats.

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