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Justin Bieber records message for Olympic swimmer

Missy Franklin received U.S. medal honoring the singer
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The American swimmer Missy Franklin received a special message on video for Justin Bieber.
Franklin, who took home four gold medals at the Olympics in London, explained that Bieber shot the video with his younger brother during the holidays.
"I was mad when I saw" said the athlete to Us Weekly. "His brother also appeared and he is the most beautiful thing. I was very excited. He said he was on vacation, so it was very special and sweet the fact that he had booked a time to do it for me. Soon I will go to his show . I can not wait! "
Franklin received his first congratulatory message from the singer of "Boyfriend" a day after winning his first Olympic gold medal on July 30 in the 100 meters backstroke.
"I heard that @ FranklinMissy is a fan of mine. Now I'm a fan of hers too. Congratulations on winning the gold!" Tweeted Bieber.

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