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Member of One Direction cancels your personal account on Twitter

Zayn Mailk said he was tired of useless opinions and hatred with which some users treated him
 One Direction
Tired of so many negative comments and abuse from other users, Zayn Malik of One Direction, decided to delete his Twitter account this last Tuesday (21).
Before leaving the social network, the singer posted the following messages: "The reason I Tuito not as much as before is because I'm tired of all the useless opinions and hate I receive daily. Goodbye Twitter.
My fans who have something good to say may contact me through the account of One Direction. "
See below the latest tweets from Zayn:
One Direction letras One Direction letras
Soon after the release, the band's fans created the hashtags # comebackZayn #Zayncomeback to try and convince him to return to the social network. His personal account had more than 5 million followers.
It is believed that a major reason for the decision was Zayn posts attacking his girlfriend, a member of the group Little Mix, Perrie Edwards. The singer had also deleted her account in May for similar reasons.

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