segunda-feira, 20 de agosto de 2012

Justin Bieber: "My fans are the craziest"

Cantor is surprised by the attitudes of his admirers
 Justin Bieber letras
Justin Bieber fans described as the wildest among all admirers of celebrities.
The singer of "Boyfriend" admitted he is impressed by the fans that exceeds expectations, and that have no limits to express their devotion to him.
"My fans are crazier than the fans of any other artist," said the star of Vibe magazine. "I've seen girls with light signals involving mechanical really. Takes three months to do that. Three months.'s A long time."
Bieber also said it expects to maintain its youthful appearance:
"My mother looks very young and my father too. So hopefully it will for me. Hate to shave. Going to be very annoying when I have to shave every day."
In the same interview, Bieber also said that fame has the power to destroy someone.

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