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Lil 'Wayne speaks on retirement at age 30

Rapper wants to concentrate on other projects after birthday
Lil' Wayne letras
Lil 'Wayne says he is tired of rap and want to take a break from her career to focus on other areas.
The rapper had spoken openly about his plans to retire in the near future and about his desire to leave the music world at age 30.
Now, with the anniversary approaching, the rapper revealed that he is anxious to get away from his solo career and focus on other projects.
"As I always think that I have not done anything, so alive looking for the next project. Only to rap and stuff like that just getting boring. I do this since I was 8 years and I'll do 30 in September," said Wayne.
Weezy also said he does not want his fans tire of his music, saying: "I think I deserve it. I think the fans deserve little or no Lil 'Wayne. I've been everywhere, I was in music from around the world, my artists are doing well. I think the fans deserve a rest from me, then I'm on a skateboard for a while. "
The rapper recently revealed she is recording an album of "love songs", to be called "Devol," plus the album "I Am Not A Human Being II" which had its release delayed.
Wayne will also release an autobiography, which will talk about the time the rapper was in prison, "Gone Till November" at the end of November this year.

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