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Rihanna was worried Chris Brown be seen as a monster

The singer revealed more about the incident with ex-boyfriend
 Rihanna letras
The singer Rihanna gave an interview to the American presenter Oprah Winfrey, who walked by his hometown, Barbados.
In a preview of the program, the singer of "California King Bed" had already demonstrated his feelings toward Chris Brown, with whom he had a relationship very disturbed.
Meanwhile, Rihanna also revealed his concern for the singer after the assault he suffered in 2009.
"As much as I was angry - angry, hurt and feeling betrayed - I felt that he made ​​that mistake because I needed help," the singer told Oprah, "And who would help him? Nobody would say that he needed help, everyone would say he was a monster without seeking a motive. And I was more worried about him. "
Because of the incident, Chris Brown was forced to serve 80 hours of community service and spend five years on probation.

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