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Perez Hilton angers fans after 1D Zayn Malik delete his twitter

Perez Hilton does not have many fans of One Direction
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Tuesday (21), he posted an article about Zayn Malik delete your Twitter account
Hilton is not a big fan of 1D and he exposed it when he posted the article on your Twitter and then started blocking the 1D fans who did not like what he had to say.
He tweeted: "Zayn Malik of One Direction DELETE your Twitter! I warned you I told you he would be the first out of 1D! This is the beginning"
Almost immediately, Hilton began to receive a lot of messages desagradeveis and his name went on the list of most talked about topics on Twitter.
In the article about Malik delete his Twitter he wrote: "Things are not going well for the boyband"
However, things are great with the 1D. Zayn obviously felt he needed to move away from social networking because of news that were not doing well for him ... and this is something that many celebrities make from time to time. How Demi and Miley
Regardless of the words of Hilton, if anyone say something bad one of the 1D boys, his army of loyal followers take advantage
Most fans believe this only to give Malik a while and he returned here a while ha.

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