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Rihanna and Coldplay may be present at the closing ceremony of Paralimpíadas

Event takes place in London on 29 August to 9 September
 Rihanna letras   Coldplay letras
Rihanna have confirmed their participation at the closing ceremony of the London Paralimpíadas alongside Coldplay.
According to the tabloid Daily Star, the singer, who participates in the track "Princess Of China" agreed to participate in a short number with the band Chris Martin.
"All the details of the closing ceremony are confidential, but Rihanna has already started rehearsing," revealed a source. "Once she was signed Coldplay eager to join them on stage."
"The closing ceremony will be basically a glorious show of Coldplay. Hardly they will not participate. They were contacted for the event of the Olympics, but declined in favor of Paralimpíadas. Could be that they only gain a pound (about $ 3, 20), but will make a fortune as their songs climb the charts then, "added the insider.
The Paralimpíadas begin on August 29 and come to an end on September 9. According to information, the natural elements - earth, air, fire and water - should serve as a base theme to the event.

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