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Beyoncé is involved in UN campaign

Singer will release video for "I Was Here" in commemoration of World Humanitarian Day
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A few days ago, Beyonce posted a mysterious message on his site, indicating that something would happen on August 19. Now, the singer revealed that this event will have a relationship with the United Nations.
Beyoncé will release in 19 days, the video for the track "I Was Here", filmed in the room of the UN General Assembly, the largest room at UN headquarters. The video will be released in commemoration of World Humanitarian Day, which honors all workers and UN staff who died trying to fulfill its mission by promoting the humanitarian cause.
Fans can get involved in the event by visiting the website I Was Here, by clicking "Show Your Support", choosing to promote the cause on Twitter or Facebook for friends and spreading until the 19th, when they should do something to help your city.
"Do one thing. Nothing is too small. Do one thing for another human being," the message says the singer.
In the picture published on his Facebook page, the singer suggests that fans make and share food with others, donate a book that inspires and dance like children who know no rules.
With the help of Beyoncé, the UN expects the global campaign to reach a billion people this year.

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