sábado, 11 de agosto de 2012

Liam Payne, the One Direction, recovering from kidney problem!

Singer shared the news on Twitter
One Direction letras
The One Direction star Liam Payne said he had recovered from a kidney problem that has afflicted since childhood.
The singer shared his amazement with fans through Twitter and revealed that an examination found the functioning of the kidney that previously had problems.
"I just go through an ultrasound and my kidney is like when I was a baby. Now I have two."
The good news was more than 155 000 retuítes and has been bookmarked by more than 125 000 social network users.
Niall Horan, Mr Payne's group, also expressed his joy and good humor to the singer, who does not drink alcohol, "Well, if your kidneys are working now, will have a drink? Just kidding."
"From zero to four years I have always been in the hospital I subtending the exams, but they could not find what was wrong. They found that one of my kidneys were not functioning properly and that he had been left with a scar," said Payne.
"I had to take 32 shots in the arm in the morning to try to get better," said the Briton who turns 19 next 29 days.

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