quinta-feira, 16 de agosto de 2012

Will.i.am has stolen car and calls to Twitter

Prototype was created by the company of rapper, IAMAUTO
Will.i.am was a party to debut their new album, along with Nicole Scherzinger in your car customized.
However, to leave the party at two in the morning, the rapper was shocked to see that the vehicle was no longer there and just venting on Twitter.
He tweeted: "My car was stolen ... What the fuck? Where is my damn car? This is not funny."
An hour later, the voice of "I Am" added: "I'll be optimistic and I pray that my car is returned full ...", and "This joke has no more grace #returnmycar."
After Nicole Scherzinger post a photo of the duo in front of the car, will.i.am said: "It's the same #wantmycarback."
The prototype, made with parts of a DeLorean and Dodge Challenger, was built by the company IAMAUTO, will.i.am created by himself, with the intention of creating jobs in the community of Los Angeles where he grew up.

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