sábado, 4 de agosto de 2012

Miley Cyrus loses nine pounds with pilates

Star intensely dedicated to the exercise routine
Miley Cyrus letras
Mari Winsor, Pilates teacher Miley Cyrus, spoke about the star's exercise routine, which had lost nine pounds with sessions several times a week.
"Her mother had done pilates and when Miley wanted to do, his mother advised me," said Winsor FitSugar the site. "Their results are due to his dedication to his efforts and exercise daily."
"Miley is a fan of all pilates exercises," said the teacher, "particularly those who sculpt the abdomen."
In gymnastics, the artist told another secret of his good form to fans: a diet free of gluten and lactose.
"Everyone should try to go gluten free for a week! The change in the skin and physical and mental health is amazing. You will not back down," Miley tweeted in April.

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