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Demi Lovato talks about her new album to Teen Vogue

The singer was interviewed and did a photo shoot for the magazine
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Demi Lovato, who recently went to Brazil to perform at the Festival Z, did a photo shoot and gave an interview to U.S. magazine Teen Vogue.
"The amount of success I have, even just in the last six months, it is amazing to me," Demi said, referring to his first place ranking in the U.S. and the success of The X Factor.
Asked about the advice I would give to newcomers, Demi Lovato said it is important to prepare mentally.
"The moment I became more focused and aware of who I am, my performances became better and I could relate better to people," said the voice of "Give Your Heart A Break."
"When exposed myself and said 'I'm human, I have problems and want to share them,' I began to really connect. Just started working on my fourth album and I want to do this also in my music.'m Tired of songs 
that do not have emotion. "
Check out more photos of Demi Lovato in Teen Vogue's essay:

Demi Lovato letras   Demi Lovato letras

Demi Lovato letras

Fifty years ago the Beatles released their first single

"Love Me Do" reached the 17th place of the charts in 1962
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October 5, 1962, a revolution was about to begin, but nobody even knew about it, including its main orchestrators. That was the day that the British Parlophone placed in stores the compact of a quartet that had been newly hired called The Beatles. "Love Me Do", truth be told, nor was anything too special. A song for beyond simple letter with naive, though well feitinha. Anyway was well above the average of the market went flipping those times where the rock seemed doomed to disappear.
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The biggest news is that the disquinho both the main track as the B-side ("PS I Love You") were original compositions of the two band leaders: John Lennon and Paul McCartney - that time was rare artists are also the authors of their songs. But the two had to fight hard to achieve this since the producer George Martin initially wanted them to launch an alien composition called "How Do You Do It."
The band tapped his foot and he said something like "if you have something better than that I throw." "Love Me Do" was presented and the producer's heart was bent - but he likes to remember that "How's It's You" reached number one some time later to be recorded by Gerry And The Pacemakers.
Love Me Do, reached number 17 of the charts, a feat for a group unknown location, but nothing near what would happen a few months later - the second single Please Please Me January 1963 and reached number two soon Beatlemania was already established in Britain, and not long after, in the USA and from the rest of the world.

Jessie J is working with Sia on new album

The successor to "Who You Are" can still count on Diane Warren
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Singer Jessie J commented on his Twitter page about the progress of his next album, the follow up to "Who You Are", released in 2011.
The voice of "Price Tag (feat. BoB)" Sia revealed that the new material is involved.
"Stargate Sia + + I + studio + composition + singing + live #livingthedream," wrote Jessie J, on Friday.
Also, the singer shared a message written by Diane Warren on the social network, saying that Jessie was "fucking singing right now." The tweet gave opening to rumors that the songwriter of hits from Celine Dion and Whitney Houston also was involved in the new project of Jessie J.

Rihanna is seen in concert with Chris Brown Jay Z

Couple is apparently reconciled
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Rihanna and Chris Brown were seen together yesterday in a show of Jay Z. The two had been seen kissing and hugging earlier this week in New York a club, but now seem to be willing to show publicly that turned to good.
Once you have seen several people who were at the show sent tweets or posted pictures of the two on Instagram. The couple was in the VIP area of the show, and even if they have not kissed Chris could be seen hugging the singer.
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The reunion took place shortly after the star was seen leaving the hotel where Rihanna was staying. Not long after news that he had separated from his current girlfriend win the internet.
The reconciliation between the two seems to be frowned upon especially by people close to Rihanna - needless to remind that the romance between the two ended violently after hitting Chris in the singer in 2009.

Katy Perry posts photo it appears dressed as "Belieber"

Singer was the show of Justin Bieber in Los Angeles
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Katy Perry has confessed his admiration for Justin Bieber.
The singer attended the star of the show held yesterday (3) at the Staples Center in Los Angeles and admitted he joined the Beliebers, the name by which the Bieber fans are known.
"Last night I saw The Black Keys, tonight saw Bieber. Weeks I think my music is complete," the star tweeted before adding: "WE Beliebers!"
Then Katy posted a picture in which appears with a group of friends and two children. All wore purple sweatshirts with hoods, considered a symbol of Canadian singer.
Currently, Bieber is on tour promoting her latest album, "Believe," released in June.
This week, the singer of 18 years has apologized after vomiting on stage during a performance.

Taylor Hanson becomes a father for the fifth time

The middle brother of Hanson and his wife Wilhelmina received little in the last 02 days
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The middle brother of the band Hanson and his wife have just become parents for the fifth time. The couple received the newest member of the family last Tuesday (02).
"Natalie and I are thrilled to announce the arrival of our newest family member, Wilhelmina Jane Hanson. She arrived on Tuesday, day 02, and was received with more love than fit in the room," said Taylor told People magazine.
The singer and his wife Natalie have been married since 2002 and have four other children: Ezra, who turns 10 on 31, Penelope 07, of 06 River and Viggo for 3 ½ years.
The band Hanson, which also includes Isaac and Zac, recently finished a world tour for the album "Shout It Out" with sold out shows in Australia. They now work in the production of new work, set to be released next year.

"Take Me Home": One Direction reveals track list for new album

Quintet's second album arrives next month
 One Direction letras   One Direction letras
The One Direction has revealed the tracklist of their new album, "Take Me Home".
The second disc features 13 tracks from the group in the standard edition and 4 more songs on the deluxe version.
With launch scheduled for November 13, the album will also be released in a larger format called yearbook, which will include photos of each band member.
"Live While We're Young," the first single from the new LP, the fight for first place on the charts with "Diamonds" by Rihanna, and "Gangnam Style", Psy.
The video of the single, which was viewed 8.24 million times in the first 24 hours, beat the previous record held by Justin Bieber.
Recently, Savan Kotecha composer said: "The idea was to continue the fun through all the vibe of 'What Makes You Beautiful', but maybe the lyrics are a little more daring [in 'Take Me Home']."
Check out the tracklist of "Take Me Home" and (re) discover clip "Live While We're Young":

One. "Live While We're Young"
2nd. "Kiss You"
3rd. "Little Things"
4th. "C'mon"
5th. "Last First Kiss"
6th. "Heart Attack"
7th. "Rock Me"
Eight. "Change My Mind"
9th. "I Would"
10. "Over Again"
11. "Back For You"
12. "They Do not Know About Us"
13. "Summer Love"

Deluxe Edition / Yearbook:

14. "She's Not Afraid"
15. "Loved You First"
16. "Nobody Compares"
17. "Still The One"