sábado, 11 de agosto de 2012

Rihanna takes fans to Barbados

Staying in a luxury hotel, fans took tea with the singer
Rihanna letras
Rihanna paid trip of five of its most dedicated fans to his home in the Caribbean.
In a gesture of thanks, the singer invited the group, which apparently accompanies the world, the island of Barbados, his homeland.
According to the tabloid The Sun, the star stayed in the luxurious Sandy Lane and invited them to tea at his home.
"She wanted to show them how grateful he was. She thought that the best 'thank you' would make tea for them in their homeland."
Recently, Rihanna was rejected as a poster girl for the new executive of cosmetics company Nivea, whose campaign for the singer participated so far.
On 14 August, the fashion TV show of the singer, Styled to Rock, the premiere UK channel Sky Living

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