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Miley Cyrus confirmed participation in the series "Two And A Half Men"

Singer will involve two episodes with one of the characters
 Miley Cyrus letras
The CBS television network has confirmed that Miley Cyrus will attend the tenth season of the series "Two And A Half Men."
The singer, who recently shocked the audience with a drastic change in the look, will play Missy, who gets involved in a relationship with one of the characters. Miley will participate in two episodes of the series.
The voice of "The Climb" has recently released film "Lola" in which a teenage girl who makes her heart broken by her boyfriend, opposite Demi Moore.
Miley also attended the track "Decisions", the Israeli DJ and borgore, he said, the clip will also feature singer and will be recorded in September.
Miley is still in the studio recording their next album with producer and rapper Pharrell Williams and will be at the VMAs 2012, featuring one of the categories.

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