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Pink: "I'm terrified to have a daughter like me"

The singer fears that her daughter, Willow Sage, follow his footsteps
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The singer Pink, who is about to release his new album, "The Truth About Love", revealed in an interview that he is afraid of having a daughter as rebellious as she was.
The voice of "Trouble" had their first child in June 2011, however, little Willow Sage seems to have some work for his mother, which caused many problems in his youth, such as experimenting with drugs and alcohol, and has run away from home .
"I'm betting on the fact that we rebel against our parents. Vai She's probably thinking, 'Loud Music, tattoos? This is awful,' but I can not say. Guess that karma is all the bad things I did," confessed Pink.
According to the singer, Willow knows share things with other children, but if one of them picks up a toy, then throws his heir the head of the child in question. "She's pretty aggressive!" Added Pink.

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