domingo, 1 de julho de 2012

The Wanted skewers Britney Spears

One member of the boyband, Tom Parker, hoped that Britney had more personality
The Wanted letras
Unlike most boy bands, The Wanted has been a very controversial group.
After saying that Christina Aguilera was a "cow" and not apologize for that, Tom Parker rattled off a few comments about another pop singer.
After meet with Britney Spears backstage tour of "Femme Fatale", Tom told his impressions about the singer of "Criminal".
"Britney is a beautiful and nice girl, but when I met her, hoping she had more personality. I feel sorry for her because she spent a lot of stress over the past five years and she has done very little since," he said.
Parker also related his "analysis" of the Britney bandmate, Nathan Sykes,
saying the same will happen with him, as Nathan started very young in this business.
"I'm sure in ten years, if we are still together, he'll be wondering when it will end," he added.

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