domingo, 1 de julho de 2012

Katy Perry plans to start his own label

Katy Perry has revealed that you want to start his own label.
Katy Perry letras
The singer explained that he intends to give new artists the opportunity to launch their careers without the chance of having a commercially successful career being harmed.
"I am preparing for it now," the star told the magazine The Hollywood Reporter about the yet-untitled new label.
"And when this label becomes a reality, try to avoid things that prevent an artist to succeed financially. As people come to me with opportunities, I'm thinking 'How could I be treated?'"
Currently, Katy is preparing to launch on July 5, his first concert film, 3D Part Of Me, partially funded by it. On August 3, will be the turn of the Brazilian fans watching the production halls of the country.
This week, the singer showed the clip of "Wide Awake", the final chapter of "Teenage Dream".

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