domingo, 1 de julho de 2012

Justin Bieber is irritated during an interview

Cantor is stressed with questions about One Direction, his mother and Justin Timberlake
Justin Bieber letras
Justin Bieber became angry during a radio interview on Friday (29). The singer called the "Mojo In The Morning", to promote his new album, "Believe."
During the interview, DJ Mojo, believed to be praising Bieber, said the song "Boyfriend" looked like Justin Timberlake. Justin replied "That's strange, because our voices are not similar. I'm not trying to sound like someone else and that's not a compliment. If you had said that he heard some elements of Justin Timberlake in the sound, might have been a compliment."
The DJ tries to dispel the discomfort praising the singer of "Baby", but soon generates unease again with a question about One Direction.
Harry Styles, a member of the group, has a reputation for liking older women. Knowing that he and Justin are friends, the DJ asks "Are you worried that Harry might try something with your mother?". Bieber says "I think you should worry about his own mother." Upon hearing this, "My mother is dead," Justin hangs up the phone and her manager confirms he will not continue the interview.

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