domingo, 1 de julho de 2012

Demi Lovato appears with pink hair backstage at The X Factor

Demi Lovato letras
Demi Lovato has changed a lot of visual lately. The singer wore her hair darker since his first album "Do not Forget" and the new phase of his life, after his rehabilitation and the new album "Unbroken", she made ​​several changes in her hair, going from dark red the blonde.
The singer, who is now part of the panel of judges of the American program The X Factor, along with Britney Spears, published a photo on his Twitter with the tips of hair dyed light pink, saying he was in love with her new look.
In addition, the singer of "Skyscraper" Simon Cowell commented that the new "boss" of Demi and one of the jurors of the program, approved the change.

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