domingo, 1 de julho de 2012

Justin Bieber says he almost gave up career

The Canadian said he wanted to stop singing after woman accusing him of fathering her child.
Justin Bieber letras
Justin Bieber admitted he almost abandoned the race after a woman accused him of being the father of her baby. According to Mariah Yeater, after a show in 2011, she and Bieber had a meeting in which she got pregnant.
In an interview, the boyfriend of Selena Gomez said: "When it started, I was in Florida, away from my friends and family and was very sad. At one point, I thought 'I will not do that. I just want to be normal." It was difficult because I had never experienced something like that. "
The singer has revealed that anger Yeater, saying "I feel sorry for her more than anything else. Everything hurts, in the end, makes you stronger. You have to learn from the bad events."
Although the prosecution had caused problems for Bieber, he says he helped with his creativity - the singer of "All Around The World (feat. Ludacris)" revealed in April that he wrote a song about the situation, for her new album "Believe" .

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