domingo, 1 de julho de 2012

Adele song takes a child of seven years from coma

Charlotte British Snow suffered a brain hemorrhage in April
Adele letras  Adele letras
Thanks to a song by Adele, a British girl of seven years old came out of the coma.
Charlotte Snow's mother, Leila, sang "Rolling In The Deep" the child was in a hospital bed in the English city of Leeds after suffering a brain hemorrhage during sleep.
The doctors had told Leila that fired her from her daughter. However, the range of the singing Adele, Charlotte began to smile, and two days later, was able to speak again and stand up.
"I went to her bed to hug her, she was connected to devices and did not react, then Adele began playing on the radio," said Leila tabloid the Daily Mail. "I started singing to her because she adores her and used to sing this song together. Charlotte began to smile and I could not believe it. Was the first time she reacted to anything from bleeding. Nurses were perplexed and told me to continue singing, and she smiled again. they said it was as if I had unlocked and, from that day, she started getting better. "
The accident occurred in April, left the small Charlotte with memory loss and partial view. The child, however, is already at home.
"Music is an important part of her life, she loves music," continued Leila. "She loves to sing and dance to Adele, Katy Perry and Pink. So I shall not be surprised that a song from Adele to have agreed. It works miracles."

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