domingo, 15 de julho de 2012

Justin Bieber: "I love my critics, they make me richer"

Singer showed that receives money every time someone makes negative comments on his page on Youtube
Justin Bieber letras
The star Justin Bieber said in an interview with Q magazine what you think about the large number of Internet users who are keen to express their dissatisfaction with their work.
The singer, 18, ​​who last year ranked first in the list of teens who grossed more in Hollywood, revealed that the negative comments on his page on Youtube, for example, serve to "fat" even your bank account.
"I would say to my haters I love them. Thank you for supporting me as I hate" she said. "When they write messages on my Youtube page, I get why. So they're giving me money to hate me," added the voice of "Boyfriend"
Justin also talked about what he likes to hear, revealing a special appreciation for rock: "I like Guns N 'Roses, Metallica, Beatles. From Metallica songs like" Fade To Black "and" One. "They are innovative and exciting with those instruments and electric guitars and everything. "

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