domingo, 1 de julho de 2012

Katy Perry: "I did everything I could, but still did not work"

Singer talks about marriage to Russell Brand in "Part Of Me"
Katy Perry letras
The final moments of the wedding of Katy Perry Russell Brand are documented in the new documentary "Katy Perry: Part Of Me." In it, the singer says: "Being in love is a dream, but reality is not like the movies. There are many more sacrifices."
In the film, we see how the singer traveled every two weeks to spend three or four days with her husband. Until the constant traveling began to become a problem.
In a scene from the film, we see the singer of "Wide Awake" seeing his busy schedule and asking where are days off. Elsewhere, Katy is sitting on a plane and admits: "I'm trying to keep my marriage alive."
After Brand for divorce in December, the singer is visibly upset. "The truth is that I am romantic and believe in the fairy tale ... I did everything I could, and still did not work. The dream of being in love is very different from reality to make it right. But now I have a second chance. "

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