domingo, 1 de julho de 2012

Justin Bieber: "My fans do not know me"

In an interview, the singer talks about Selena Gomez and his relationship with fans
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In a new interview, Justin Bieber told a little about his private life, in particular, his girlfriend since 2010, Selena Gomez: "Our first kiss was in the car. It was crazy and spontaneous and fantastic. If you're really passionate, you will feel butterflies in your stomach. butterflies and happiness. It's how I feel, anyway. "
One reason for the singer to be so reserved when it comes to his personal life is: "I do not like to throw in the face of the fans. I love them and would never do that. It is my personal life and I want to keep it separate. I have many things that I save just for me, and this is one. I am very happy and I know my fans are happy for me. "
Although the couple spend much time apart from each other, and the temptations always appear, Justin says the singer of "Hit The Lights" does not have to worry: "I like girls who like me for me. Some girls just me want because of who I am. I need a girl who likes me for my heart because I am not Justin Bieber. Justin Bieber my fans love the artist. they do not know me. "
On the new album, "Believe," Justin said to have had help from people like Kanye West and Taylor Swift, to compose an album that could be heard by younger people and older. "I'm growing up, my fans are growing up and wanted the music to grow as well. I'm more mature in some ways. I want to be a respected artist."

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