domingo, 15 de julho de 2012

Rihanna handles his former accountants

New York company had mismanaged the finances of the star
Rihanna letras
Rihanna filed a lawsuit against his former accountants in last Thursday (5). For the singer, the professionals are to blame for the mismanagement of their finances, the audit performed by the IRS for which has been going, and the lack of advice about spending cuts during his 2009 tour.
According to the Associated Press, Rihanna claims that his tour "Last Girl on Earth" had "significant net losses," while their accountants pocketed 22% of proceeds from performances and passed on to the singer only 6%.
Rihanna dismissed the accounting firm in September 2010 and says its profit rose more than 40% since the output of the firm.
According to the court file, the star hopes to receive unspecified compensation from the New York-based company.
In 2011, the pop star sued a real estate company in Los Angeles because of alleged structural flaws in a home of millions of dollars.

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