domingo, 1 de julho de 2012

Katy Perry will use divorce as inspiration for new album

The singer is also reflecting on his career in Madonna 
Katy Perry letras
The days of dance music and happy Katy Perry may be numbered.
The singer, who wants to take a break after all the tour of his latest album "Teenage Dream" and promoting his film 'Part Of Me ", said he will use his breakup with Russell Brand as the inspiration for some tracks from their forthcoming album.
"It will be a much more obscure than the last. It is inevitable after all I went through. If I had a time machine and could go back to that time I come back, but I can not. Then you will discover another part of me" said the singer of "California Gurls."
But the ex-husband is not his only inspiration. Katy Perry is also seeking inspiration from Madonna for her career.
"Early Madonna settled because evolving all the time, taking new looks and ideas to the public. It had all become interested in his work, because you never know what she would do next. I hope to do the same, look back on ten years and see what I wrote timeless songs, "he said.

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