domingo, 15 de julho de 2012

One Direction will end soon, predicts blogger

Perez Hilton cites the Jonas Brothers as an example
One Direction letras
For Perez Hilton, the members of One Direction will separate within a few years.
In passing through the UK, where he promotes the second time the concert "One Night In London", the world of celebrity blogger told the website Digital Spy that the group tends to end up in the near future.
"I would not be surprised if the One Direction is separated in two years," said Hilton.
"I think in the end, one of them will quit or be fired, they will continue as a quartet, and not long after, maybe one or two years, they will separate."
Explaining his hunch, Hilton continued: "It happened too fast for them, then it could end very quickly. See the Jonas Brothers a few years ago they were incredibly popular, but now? Not much."

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