domingo, 1 de julho de 2012

Justin writes song with One Direction

According to the newspaper, the band's second album will be in the British boy band
Justin Bieber letras  One Direction letras
One of the collaborations dreams of teenage fans of pop music will seem to become reality. Justin Bieber and the five members of the One Direction will even record a song together.
According to the newspaper The Mirror, the band's second album will be part of the British group. About the collaboration, the star of the hit "Boyfriend" said: "The guys from One Direction are great, always had fun when we go out together. We're talking about a collaboration on a song for their next album. Be pretty cool."
Rumors of a partnership arose some time ago and last April Niall Horan revealed on his Twitter that he was in the studio with Bieber, which led everyone to believe that they were recording the track. But the news was denied by Liam Payne soon after to the wail of the fans.
"No, (belying the collaboration) we've only been there to take a look at what he had written and he invited us to listen to his album" Liam told the program Access Hollywood at the time.

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