quinta-feira, 26 de julho de 2012

Land for school in Malawi Madonna house cemetery

Three years ago, singer donated millions of dollars to the African country
Madonna letras
The design of a school for girls designed by Madonna in Malawi was abandoned and the land that would house the institution should be used to build a cemetery.
In 2009, the singer of "Turn Up The Radio" donated $ 15 million (over $ 30 million) to the African country and participated in the foundation stone of the building.
According to the Guardian, the school project was aborted last year. Now the land is used for the construction of a monument to national heroes that will house the remains of prominent Malawians.
Result of a government decision, the new work should cost the country millions.
David and Marcy, adopted by Madonna, born in Malawi. She also is mother to Lourdes, 15, and Rocco, 11.

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