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Tickets Amy Winehouse will be a book written by his father

Amy Winehouse letras  Amy Winehouse letras
    Mitch Winehouse, Amy's father, in his book include notes written by the singer died in 2011.
    Amy, My Daughter ("Amy, my daughter," in Portuguese) will bring hundreds of personal notes and letters authored by the star of "Rehab."
    One message, written on Valentine's Day 2003, came to the editors of the New York Post. In the letter, written while Amy recorded her debut album "Frank" in Miami, reads: "Dear Dad, I love you so much and can not wait to see it within a few weeks. I'm working and not spend a dime. Some thousands of dollars are gone, but not a cent. I'm kidding. "
    The singer died in London in July 2011 at age 27 after a long battle with alcohol and illicit substances.
    Amy, My Daughter is expected to hit U.S. bookstores on June 26 and the United Kingdom on July 5. The money raised from sales will be reverted back to Amy Winehouse Foundation, a charity founded by the artist's family.

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