domingo, 15 de julho de 2012

Katy Perry insurer warned about risks of bra swivel

Number used by the star concerned company
Katy Perry letras
Katy Perry revealed that he had been warned about the risks to their safety posed by rotating his famous bra.
According to the singer, her insurer is concerned about a possible injury to his neck after his hair got caught in the mechanism.
"I always say that insurers are concerned that I hurt my neck. I doubt very much that it can be lethal, but they want a new bra that does not allow the hair is caught is made​​," said the tabloid The Star Sun "Well, I was always known in school as he wore large bra."
Katy explained the episode feared by the insurer: "My hair got stuck in the wheels of my bra rotary mint and began to curl. I was forced to continue with it. When he reached the end of the song sounded like I was licking my own breast. what a girl does for his art ... "
After the film's premiere 3D Part Of Me, sales of the album "Teenage Dream" grew 451%.

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