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Lady Gaga is processed by the manufacturers of Bratz dolls

The singer may have to pay $ 10 million for MGA
Lady Gaga letras
MGA Entertainment, responsible for manufacturing the Bratz dolls, Lady Gaga is suing for 10 million dollars for a breach of contract. According to the company, the singer of "Bad Romance" would have delayed the approval of their line of dolls.
The contract for the production of dolls inspired by Gaga was signed in late 2011 and one million dollars were paid by MGA to cover fees for the distribution of dolls in the northern summer. But in April, the singer wanted to postpone the production and distribution of Bratz for 2013, when Lady Gaga intends to launch his new album.
According to the manufacturer, 28 million dollars were lost to the project to be postponed. MGA claims in the lawsuit in bad faith believes that the conduct of Lady Gaga team, because they took an excessive amount of royalties, invested much money in pre-production of the dolls and the singer has put his reputation at risk to ensure a space for the product on store shelves.

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