domingo, 15 de julho de 2012

Justin wants to build the football team with David Beckham

Justin would have invited the boys from One Direction for the team
Justin Bieber letras
According to a British tabloid (that is, believe it or not), Justin wants to create a soccer team and hopes that David Beckham can train him.
The Canadian hopes to follow in the footsteps of Robbie Williams and Vinnie Jones joining a team of celebrities.
Justin said: "I started playing pretty football over the last two or three years and I enjoy very much. I know there is a team of celebrities, in which Robbie Williams plays, but I want a team with younger boys. The boys in One Direction said they would play and Lil 'Bow Wow too. "
The singer continued: "There's only one guy who we want as a coach, and is David Beckham. We will not play every week, probably only three or four times a season. I will personally ask to David and hope he says yes. And our games be near his house. "
Bieber concluded: "I would ask for Selena and Victoria are our cheerleaders, but I may be asking too much."

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