domingo, 30 de setembro de 2012

Psy promises dancing half naked if "Gangnam Style" reach the top of the chart

South Korean rapper returned to his native country after triumphant promotional visit in the U.S.
The South Korean rapper Psy really want to get to the top of the U.S. charts. He is already promising to do "Dancing Horse" seen the clip of "Gangnam Style" case to reach the half-naked one on the Billboard. This week the song was in 11th place.
"If I get to the first luga on Billboard, I would have the courage to dance half naked in front of a huge number of people ... preferably right in front of Seoul City Hall," said the rapper 34 years at the news conference that granted after returning from a promotional visit more successful than the United States which led to several of the most popular television shows in America. The rapper was seen making his "Dancing Horse" at the VMAs and talk show host Ellen Degeneres where he also taught Britney Spears doing the choreography of the song.
The clip of "Gangnam Style" became the biggest viral of 2012 having already been accessed over 270 million times on YouTube since the time it was posted in mid-July.
As not all flowers Psy also said he felt homesick for Korea and it was hard to spend any time speaking English and to translate the interviews mentally uninterrupted caused him severe headaches.
But that's only a small complaint. The singer said that after twelve years on the road is experiencing its peak and he just has to thank for everything.
For the future he promises to release an album with English versions of his biggest hits Koreans. "I want to be more than this weird Korean who became famous with this cavalcade of dance and become a singer in Korea may have and give fun for hours and hours," said the now superstar.

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