domingo, 30 de setembro de 2012

Psy: "I'd love to work with One Direction '

In an interview, singer of "Gangnam Style" talked about influences and joked with Justin Bieber
 Psy   One Direction letras
The phenomenon Psy spoke of their main inspirations.
The singer of "Gangnam Style" the tabloid The Mirror revealed that the British Queen and her late frontman, Freddie Mercury, were responsible for awakening his interest in music.
"My example and following my dream of becoming a musician were inspired by Queen and Freddie Mercury. I remember them performing at Wembley. Freddie is a great hero to me."
"I would like to teach dance 'Gangnam Style' to Brian May," added Psy.
The South Korean singer also praised the youth of One Direction and said he wanted a partnership in the future.
"I love to work with them. They are very successful and are legal."
A good-humored, the artist said he could not work with Justin Bieber, since usually drink a lot before making partnerships.
"If I meet someone and I have to work, I have to drink a lot," said Psy. "I'm too good for drinking, especially heavy things. But Justin can not because they're old enough."
"Gangnam Style" became a worldwide hit in recent weeks, reaching the top positions in several countries. The video clip is currently the band with the most "likes" on YouTube.

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