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Maroon 5 breaks records in first week of "Payphone"

Maroon 5 letras
    With 493,00 downloads redorded by Nielsen SoundScan system, the partnership of Maroon 5 with the rapper Wiz Khalifa, Payphone (feat. Kimbra) of Gotye remains an additional week at the top.
    Payphone (feat. Wiz Khafila) also enters the digital music stopped in the first place, as did Makes Me Wonder in 2007. This time, however, gives the band the track record fordigital sales debut by group to hit the 465,000 dowloads of Boom Boom Pow, The Black Eyed Peas, released in 2009.
    The 493,000 song dowloads are also the eighth best mark weekly since 2003, when Nielsen SoundScan began couting digital sales. The record in this category is curretly held by Flo Rida, which sold 636,000 copies of Right Round in February 2009.
    The performance of Payphone (feat. Wiz Khalifa) was also notable on the radio. The track teached the 36th position, reaching 33 million listeners, a record for the particular band that had its best result in this ranking in 2004 with She Will Be Loved at the 49th position.
    With the new entry, the group of Adam Levine overcomes his highest debut on the charts, the partnership Moves Like Jagger (feat. Christina Aguilera) Christina Aguilera, who appeared on the list for the first time in eighth place in July 2001. Nine weeks later, the band would come first to the top, where he remained for four weeks.
    Payphone (feat. Wiz Khalifa) just missed out on the parade music on demand, which ranks the bands played on services controlled by the listener.

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"I Gotta Feeling" by The Black Eyed Peas, is the most played track at weddings in the United Kingdom

Black Eyed Peas letrasThe song "I Gotta Feeling" by Black Eyed Peas, was named the most played  song at wedding in the UK. The success of the charts was chosen in a poll conducted by thestreaming service Spotify, which analyzed the choices of 78,000 lists created especially for wedding.
"Sex on Fire" by Kings Of Leon, took second pleace and "Mr. Brightside" The Killers, surprised at the third position, it is a song that deals with jealousy and paranoia of betrayal, inspired by the ex-girlfriend vocalist Brandon Flowers of the infidel.
The classics were also appointed place, with Stevie Wonder, Abba, Jackson 5 andothers, plus songs with meaning marriage as "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)" and "White Wedding".

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Justin Bieber fans fleeing in England and want to record single with the group One Direction

The star Justin Bieber, 18 years, was mobbed by fans after arriving in London, England on Monday (23). The singer is in the country to promote his new job and plans to record a single with friends of the group One Direction.
Bieber, supported ny his team, had run away to get leave the site safely. Informtion isthe site of the magazine "Who".
The English fans do not bring fond memories for Justin Bieber. In March 2011, in Livepool, the singer has been warned by police that could be arrested for "inciting riot" ifhe left the hotel that was surrounded by followers of the teen star.
According to the website of the newspaper "The Daily Star," Bieber plans to record a single with the grooup One Direction. "They are great guys and I'm always looking to workwhit people who have talent and taste," he told the publication about the friends of the boy band.

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Avril Lavigne may have died early in his career and been replaced!The singer, who now goes by it is a double.
No joke! It is debauchery! It's not crazy! At first it may seem absurd, but if you patiently read everything here you will discover the truth behind the facts! But I also want to make clear that I can not prove anything, this storyis based only on speculation on the subject! Also I am not here to attack and defame the very least singer! But accompanying  the article and draw your own conclusions... Before any thing, what would motivate people to arm all this? The answer is simple: "Money." Avril Lavigne was discovered by Antonio "L.A." Reid in 2001, and signed a contract for more than a million dollars! When it was released the first album of Avril in 2002, the album sold over 18 millioncopies worldwide, having been the second biggest seller of 2002.
Avril of a sudden became the "golden goose" of its producer and entrepreneur! She had just come out of adolescence and now lived a busy schedule, performing, participating in interviews, always in the spotlight and living under pressure wherever it was!

Do you think it is easy for the head of a girl's age she hadThere is a greatlist of famous who can not stand the pressure of fameand end up indepression, or drugs ... And it was no different with Avril (as will be shownlater on in lyrics). Avril found herself surrounded by personal problems,and his life was no longer the sameOne day when looking for the parents at home to vent just found the house emptyand ended up committing suicide by hanging (This also will be shown later)Rich and influentialpeople are able to set any thing, and hide any thing tooIt is difficult to sayhow many people may be involved in this, but it was difficult to hide her death because they had the perfect substituteThe double Avril wasalmost identicalbut I said almostI will also show that they are differentphysically!

Well, the singer who replaces AvrilI call the "New Avril" has demonstrated problems with awareness to participate in this farce, andsought to leave evidence of what had happened through lyrics, CD coversand bookletsThe second album from Avril's career, was released after his death. The first and the second has only two. Launched in 2004, a CD istotally different than the firstFrom the style of the melodies and lyrics, todesign the cover and bookletIn fact were made by two different artists,both very talentedIt's an album full of subliminal messages left by the"New Avril." Let's analyze it, starting with the cover and title:

The CD is called "Avril Lavigne Under My Skin," which translated means:"Avril Lavigne Under My Skin." More clear and straightforward impossible!From here it was no longer the real Avrilbut "Avril Lavigneunder the skin of another singer! Note that the name "Avril Lavigneis written in black,representing mourning for singer, and his own "New Avril" is in black with a red cross on his shoulderThe name "Under My Skin" is red.

The booklet of this CD is completely dark and gloomyThe "New Avril"poses for photos with expression always sad and morbid.

I've never seen a singer change both his style of singing, songwriting, dress and bahave as it did with Avril Lavigne, and what struck me, until I began to notice that this singer Avril Lavigne and that is in the media are currently two different people! And I was not the only one who noticed it at the time! Search the Google like this:
"Avril has changed personality?""You'll think Avril has changed?""Avril has changed the style?""Cause Avril Lavigne turned Paty?"
You will see that the results will be many people commenting on the sudden and radical change in style and personalityy of Avril! It was not only the style or manner of dress has changed. The way it is another, the music is different, the lyrics follow another line, finally, is someone else!
Now analyze some excerpts from letters of the CD, but you will have read the "fine print" because it is all written in a subliminal way:
Nabody'd Home (No one is home) # Avril committed suicide when they found no one at home. In this song the New Avril describes what was going on with Avril.
I could not tell you because she felt that way, she felt that every day and I cound not help in I only saw the same mistales again; What is wrong, what's wrong now; Many, many problems; Do not  know where it belongs, where she belongs. 
She wants to go home but nobody's home; That's where she lies, broken inside; There is o place to go, no place to go to dry her eyes; Broken inside (...) Her feelings she hides; Her dreams she can not find; She's losing her mind; She was left behind; She can not find its place;  She's losing her faith; She fell from grace (...) 
Slipped Away (You left) # sorry for death of Avril.

I miss you; Sorry to miss; I do not forget you; Oh, so sad; I hope tou can hear me; I clearly remember; The day you left; It was the day; I discovered tthat there would be the same (...)
I'm wondering why; And I can nottake it; It was not faking ; It was not faking It happened and you were gone (...)
My Happy Ending # Happy ending to the "New Avril"
(Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh...) So much for my happy ending; Let's talk about it; It's noot like we're dead; Was it something I did?; Was it somenthing you said?; Do not keep me waiting; In a city so dead; Caught in the high; In a wire to explode
#Here she points to the way Avril committed suicede (by hanging)(...) But they do not know me... All the things you hide from me(...) All this time you were pretending; So much for my happy ending(...)

Somenthing is not right; I can feel inside of me; The truth is not far; You can not deny; When I turn out the lights; When I close my eyes; The truth comes to me and; I'm living a lie (...)
# Intriguing those letters suddenly not so?
How Does It Feel?
(...) How does it feel to be; Unlike me? We are equal? (...)
Who Knows
Because you looked do familiar?; I could swear I've seen your face before (...)
Take Me Away
I can not find a way to descride it; I sinside, All I do is hide (...) I feel like I'm alone; All alone, I need to find a way in this situation; My words are cold, O do not want them to hurt youlf I show you, I think you will not 
Forgotten (Lost)
(...) There is no reason to be thinking about yesterday; Now it's too late; It will never be the same; We are so different now (...)
Of course everyone Will say that these letters are talking about other things, but if you have common sense will see that is quite a coicidence!
Now see how it changed sharply from one CD to another in appearance and style.
Phase before the second CD:

After the second stage CD:

Now look at this picture below:

Avril Seems right?, But it's another girl, and That lives in Brazil. Then you see it's not so hard to find people alike.
Note well the details and you will realize that are two different people, although very similar!
Looking as a whole, you may still have Doubts if They are really different, so let's look at the detail, the nose.
Nose of the old Avril:

New Avril nose:

There? Still have questions that are two different people? Probaly will say that she had plastic surgery. The Life & Style magazine published an article on this subject and invited an exoert named George Lefkovitz, who compared photos and swears that her nose is not the original. "He's the best proportiond and is much more refined," He explainsin this area. You can search on Google! But to analyse a thing, "Nem Avril" was questioned about his nose, and she just showed up angry, said he did not take any more harassment of the media, and out of "thin". She is not with feelings of guilt, or something, now assumed a new identity, as can be seen on the third CD, which is the opposite of the first in every way. If you compare videos will see the "New Avril" is also o little higher, nor the voices are identical, compare music and you will see is that as a Mezzo Soprano is another. It's hard to say how many people are involved in this, check out our commumity on orkut, some believe that who ever is behind all this are the llluminati.

Adele, Rihanna, Lil Wayne, LMFAO and Lady Gaga lead the Billboard awards nominations

Adele letras The artists Adele, Rihanna, Lil Wayne, Lady Gaga and LMFAO ate the leaders innumber of nominations in the annual Billboard Awards, whose ceremoony will be held in Las Vegas on May 20.
The singer of "21" is competing far a total of 18 categories, including Artist Major, Major Artist Female. The duo of "Party Rock Anthem" is not back with its 17 categories. The comes the star of "We Found Love (feat. Calin Harris)" with 13, Gaga and Lil Wayne tied with nominations in 10 categories. 

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Picture the scene tour of Lady Gaga leaks in the network

White powder causes controversy between followers of Rihanna

More than a thousand followers on the social networking star discussed the nature of the subtance. While some seemesd surprised at the possibility of rolling a cigarette Rihanna being the head of his staff, others questioned whether it was cocaine:
That's the coolest thing I've ever seen," tweeted a fan, while anothercommented: "I'll collect my jaw that dropped."
A few hours ago, the singer wrote on her page: "I am crazy, and do not pretend to be anything alse."

Justin Bieber reveals release date of "Believe"

Justin Bieber letras

 Justin Bieber announced taht his new album, Believe, will be released un the U.S. on June 19.

The sta revealed the information presented as a teaser clip Boyfriend on The Voice.Recently, the artist of 18 years revealed that the band As Long As You Lobe Me is one of theis favorite new album and said he plans to address "the pastand rumors" in his new job.

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Enrique Iglesias Jennifer Lopez came on a world tour

Enrique Iglesias letrasWith his vew single, "Dance Again (feat. Pitbull)," Jennifer Lopez is ready to hit the road in the middle of the year and, according to the website Celebuzz, the singer will be joined by Latin Enrique IInglesias in concert.The star of "On The Floor (feat. Pitbull)" should start their world tour of 60 concerts in Venezuela in June after finishing the current season of "America Idol". The singer is still undergoing Chile and Argentina before coming to Brazil for three shows  and return to the United States along whit Inglesias.

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Coldplay and the Rolling Stones use playback at Olympic ceremony

 The artists who will perform the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympics will be required to use pre-recorded songs during his shows.

Both Coldplay and the Rolling Stones, who were among the attractionsdefinitely disappointed fans who paid up to £ 2,000 for a ticket, according to the Daily Mail, if you sing on top of vocals and instruments already recorded in the studio.

Adam Lambert says that George Michael was the inspiration for his new album

Talking about the influences of the album which hits U.S, on May 15, Lambert told the British tabloid Daily Star: "I think it's cool taht the 90 areback in fashion, [...] is what came into my subconscious, that's what I grew up. "
The star discovered on American Idol revealed that the band Never Close Our Eyes is more dandeable than the songs with which its author, Bruno Mars, are accustomed to working:
"Never Close Our Eyes is a great dance song. It's a bit more dancing that usual to Bruno, then it will be fun to surprise people."

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Maroon 5 album cover reveals "Overexposed"

Axl Rose refused entry by the Guns N 'Roses Hall of Fame Rock and Roll

Guns N' Roses letrasThe singer Axl Rose has officially confirmed last Wednesday by an open letter posted on the band's Facebook that besides not having plans to attend the ceremony of introduction that happens in Cleveland this weekend, he does not want his name involved with the Hall of Fame in any way.
"I will not (...) and respectfully refuse my appointment as a member of Guns N 'Roses Hall of Fame Rock and Roll. I urge strongly that I should not be introduced during my absence and know that nobody is allowed to accept any input for me or speak in my name. "