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Demi Lovato talks about her new album to Teen Vogue

The singer was interviewed and did a photo shoot for the magazine
 Demi Lovato letras
Demi Lovato, who recently went to Brazil to perform at the Festival Z, did a photo shoot and gave an interview to U.S. magazine Teen Vogue.
"The amount of success I have, even just in the last six months, it is amazing to me," Demi said, referring to his first place ranking in the U.S. and the success of The X Factor.
Asked about the advice I would give to newcomers, Demi Lovato said it is important to prepare mentally.
"The moment I became more focused and aware of who I am, my performances became better and I could relate better to people," said the voice of "Give Your Heart A Break."
"When exposed myself and said 'I'm human, I have problems and want to share them,' I began to really connect. Just started working on my fourth album and I want to do this also in my music.'m Tired of songs 
that do not have emotion. "
Check out more photos of Demi Lovato in Teen Vogue's essay:

Demi Lovato letras   Demi Lovato letras

Demi Lovato letras

Fifty years ago the Beatles released their first single

"Love Me Do" reached the 17th place of the charts in 1962
 The Beatles letras
October 5, 1962, a revolution was about to begin, but nobody even knew about it, including its main orchestrators. That was the day that the British Parlophone placed in stores the compact of a quartet that had been newly hired called The Beatles. "Love Me Do", truth be told, nor was anything too special. A song for beyond simple letter with naive, though well feitinha. Anyway was well above the average of the market went flipping those times where the rock seemed doomed to disappear.
 The Beatles letras
The biggest news is that the disquinho both the main track as the B-side ("PS I Love You") were original compositions of the two band leaders: John Lennon and Paul McCartney - that time was rare artists are also the authors of their songs. But the two had to fight hard to achieve this since the producer George Martin initially wanted them to launch an alien composition called "How Do You Do It."
The band tapped his foot and he said something like "if you have something better than that I throw." "Love Me Do" was presented and the producer's heart was bent - but he likes to remember that "How's It's You" reached number one some time later to be recorded by Gerry And The Pacemakers.
Love Me Do, reached number 17 of the charts, a feat for a group unknown location, but nothing near what would happen a few months later - the second single Please Please Me January 1963 and reached number two soon Beatlemania was already established in Britain, and not long after, in the USA and from the rest of the world.

Jessie J is working with Sia on new album

The successor to "Who You Are" can still count on Diane Warren
 Jessie J letras   Sia
Singer Jessie J commented on his Twitter page about the progress of his next album, the follow up to "Who You Are", released in 2011.
The voice of "Price Tag (feat. BoB)" Sia revealed that the new material is involved.
"Stargate Sia + + I + studio + composition + singing + live #livingthedream," wrote Jessie J, on Friday.
Also, the singer shared a message written by Diane Warren on the social network, saying that Jessie was "fucking singing right now." The tweet gave opening to rumors that the songwriter of hits from Celine Dion and Whitney Houston also was involved in the new project of Jessie J.

Rihanna is seen in concert with Chris Brown Jay Z

Couple is apparently reconciled
 Rihanna letras
Rihanna and Chris Brown were seen together yesterday in a show of Jay Z. The two had been seen kissing and hugging earlier this week in New York a club, but now seem to be willing to show publicly that turned to good.
Once you have seen several people who were at the show sent tweets or posted pictures of the two on Instagram. The couple was in the VIP area of the show, and even if they have not kissed Chris could be seen hugging the singer.
 Rihanna letras
The reunion took place shortly after the star was seen leaving the hotel where Rihanna was staying. Not long after news that he had separated from his current girlfriend win the internet.
The reconciliation between the two seems to be frowned upon especially by people close to Rihanna - needless to remind that the romance between the two ended violently after hitting Chris in the singer in 2009.

Katy Perry posts photo it appears dressed as "Belieber"

Singer was the show of Justin Bieber in Los Angeles
 Katy Perry letras
Katy Perry has confessed his admiration for Justin Bieber.
The singer attended the star of the show held yesterday (3) at the Staples Center in Los Angeles and admitted he joined the Beliebers, the name by which the Bieber fans are known.
"Last night I saw The Black Keys, tonight saw Bieber. Weeks I think my music is complete," the star tweeted before adding: "WE Beliebers!"
Then Katy posted a picture in which appears with a group of friends and two children. All wore purple sweatshirts with hoods, considered a symbol of Canadian singer.
Currently, Bieber is on tour promoting her latest album, "Believe," released in June.
This week, the singer of 18 years has apologized after vomiting on stage during a performance.

Taylor Hanson becomes a father for the fifth time

The middle brother of Hanson and his wife Wilhelmina received little in the last 02 days
 Hanson letras
The middle brother of the band Hanson and his wife have just become parents for the fifth time. The couple received the newest member of the family last Tuesday (02).
"Natalie and I are thrilled to announce the arrival of our newest family member, Wilhelmina Jane Hanson. She arrived on Tuesday, day 02, and was received with more love than fit in the room," said Taylor told People magazine.
The singer and his wife Natalie have been married since 2002 and have four other children: Ezra, who turns 10 on 31, Penelope 07, of 06 River and Viggo for 3 ½ years.
The band Hanson, which also includes Isaac and Zac, recently finished a world tour for the album "Shout It Out" with sold out shows in Australia. They now work in the production of new work, set to be released next year.

"Take Me Home": One Direction reveals track list for new album

Quintet's second album arrives next month
 One Direction letras   One Direction letras
The One Direction has revealed the tracklist of their new album, "Take Me Home".
The second disc features 13 tracks from the group in the standard edition and 4 more songs on the deluxe version.
With launch scheduled for November 13, the album will also be released in a larger format called yearbook, which will include photos of each band member.
"Live While We're Young," the first single from the new LP, the fight for first place on the charts with "Diamonds" by Rihanna, and "Gangnam Style", Psy.
The video of the single, which was viewed 8.24 million times in the first 24 hours, beat the previous record held by Justin Bieber.
Recently, Savan Kotecha composer said: "The idea was to continue the fun through all the vibe of 'What Makes You Beautiful', but maybe the lyrics are a little more daring [in 'Take Me Home']."
Check out the tracklist of "Take Me Home" and (re) discover clip "Live While We're Young":

One. "Live While We're Young"
2nd. "Kiss You"
3rd. "Little Things"
4th. "C'mon"
5th. "Last First Kiss"
6th. "Heart Attack"
7th. "Rock Me"
Eight. "Change My Mind"
9th. "I Would"
10. "Over Again"
11. "Back For You"
12. "They Do not Know About Us"
13. "Summer Love"

Deluxe Edition / Yearbook:

14. "She's Not Afraid"
15. "Loved You First"
16. "Nobody Compares"
17. "Still The One"

Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj fight on the recordings of American Idol

Recording had to be stopped so that the singers could be calmed
 Nicki Minaj letras   Mariah Carey letras
It seems that rumors of disagreements between Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj in the first days of recordings of American Idol are really true.
TMZ posted a video of the movie set where the two exchanged serious offenses, warming the climate of the recordings in the city of Charlotte, in the U.S. state of North Carolina, this last Tuesday (02).
Although the second site, the friction began after Nicki and Mariah disagreed about the performance of one candidate and the fight was so ugly that the recordings had to be closed so that both could calm the waters.
Check out some of what was said:

Nicki: "Every time you say something stupid to me, I'll talk back and if you have a problem, deal with it. Told them that I would not tolerate the wills of 'your majesty' there."
Mariah: "Oh why, why, why do I have to have a three year old sitting next to me?"
Nicki: "I'm not sitting here for 20 million dollars, having to look down at people all day. No."
Mariah: "I will not be able to see my children because you decided to act like a mad and walked off the stage."
Nicki: "Go ahead. Now Go see them, go see them now."
And the video below with the moment:

Britney Spears and Taylor Swift are the highest paid singers in Hollywood

Forbes list also features Rihanna, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga
 Britney Spears letras   Taylor Swift letras
Forbes magazine unveiled its annual list of Best-Paid Women of Hollywood and two pop stars - Britney Spears and Taylor Swift - reached the top.
First on the list is Oprah Winfrey, who raised $ 165 million between May 2011 and May 2012. In second place is Britney, who joined U.S. $ 58 million during the year - $ 15 million alone with the program The X Factor.
At age 22, the youngest person on the list, Taylor Swift earned $ 58 million with their tour "Speak Now", and commercial singles as "Safe and Sound", part of the soundtrack of the movie "Hunger Games."
Rihanna and presenter Ellen DeGeneres occupy the fourth place with a fortune of $ 53 million.
Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez and Katy Perry are other pop stars who also made the list.

Liam Payne of One Direction, says he is worried about Zayn Malik

For the singer, colleague still can not deal with fame
 One Direction letras   One Direction letras
Liam Payne of One Direction, admitted that cares about the way Mr Zayn Malik is dealing with fame.
After a recording where the singer hired a program surfaced, Malik has been more often in the spotlight, also receiving harassing messages from Twitter users.
In an interview with The Sun tabloid, Payne said: "The only person with whom Zayn is really troubles me, because I think he is not quite used to it all. Terrible things He dealt with on Twitter," said the singer of 19 years .
"I think he still has not adapted, I'm sure he'll get. He's my best friend. I have to take care of him."
The musician added: "It is madness to think I did not know two years ago and now they are my best friends."
Payne admitted that three years ago, almost gave up performing after her first audition on the X Factor, which was unsuccessful.

Separately, Katy Perry plans to "divorce party" on wedding anniversary

Singer married with Russell Brand in October 2010
 Katy Perry letras
Katy Perry is preparing to give a "divorce party" on the date that their marriage would complete two years.
According to insiders, the singer of "Wide Awake", who married comedian Russell Brand on October 23, 2010 and separated 14 months later, would avoid the date this year.
According to the tabloid The Sun, Perry would turn it into "something positive" and decided to organize an event to celebrate the people who are part of your life.
"For weeks, Katy has been afraid of October 23," said a source.
"His birthday is two days later and the last thing she wants is to spend this week depressed, which would do nothing to celebrate his birthday. His friends have tried to convince her to give a big party or go to Las Vegas for a few days but Katy has decided to organize a small event in your home. she decided to call it a 'divorce party. "it will be a day to do what she loves with her favorite people."
Since the end of the relationship with the singer, Brand has been linked to several women, including former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell. Perry, meanwhile, was photographed recently with singer John Mayer.

One Direction's producer talks about new album

Savan Kotecha says "Take Me Home" is a continuation of their debut album "Up All Night"
 One Direction
The new album from One Direction show no radical change, according to producer and songwriter Savan Kotecha.
Savan, one of the composers of the tracks "Live While We're Young," "One Thing" and "What Makes You Beautiful," revealed the producers behind the album struggled to make "Take Me Home" was an extension of "up All Night. "
"We only had a range of stunning success in the first album, so most people only heard that song. Changing everything now would not be the best course of action at this stage," explained the producer.
"The idea was to continue the fun atmosphere of 'What Makes You Beautiful', but with more bold letters."
And what is the meaning of the words "Tonight let's get some / And live while we're young" from "Live While We're Young"? "It's about buying donuts," joked the composer.
"Take Me Home" hits stores in November.

The Wanted: 'Justin Bieber Entrepreneur saved our careers "

Jay McGuiness talks about the hard times of the group
 The Wanted
The The Wanted's manager revealed that Justin Bieber has saved the careers of boyband.
Jay McGuiness admitted that Scooter Braun helped the group overcome hard times, after separating from his former manager, Jayne Collins.
"We went through many painful things about which I can not talk much. The Scooter was guiding us, anyway, but we were heartbroken by what happened," explained Jay.
"I will not speak ill of anyone, because it is not healthy. But you must realize that life is not all roses and butterflies. Scooter us out of the shit."
The new single from The Wanted, "I Found You" will be officially released on October 29, while the group's third album hits stores in November.

Jessie J talks about his new phase of life

The singer commented on the drastic change of visual
 Jessie J letras
Jessie J is on the cover of Elle UK magazine, where he talks about the recent visual transformation, revealing her more feminine side.
"I always wanted to be, but this does not call people's attention," confessed the voice of "Domino". "In the beginning you always have to do something to surprise people."
The singer also said that his side is accepting more women, and have softened their clothes.
"I'm just having fun with my style, exploring things while I become a confident young woman," said Jessie J.
As discussions about her bisexuality, she said: "It is one of the labels that the media has placed in me. Sexuality should not define anyone. It does not define me."
"Love should be the motivation for all that you do. Now I'm just interested in finding love," added Jessie J.

Check out new version of the clip "Gangnam Style" Korean PSY

New video is set in New York in a fashion show
 PSY letras
The Korean crowds that are dragging the world with her hit "Gangnam Style" released a second version of the video.
In the new production, PSY invades the parade of designer Jill Stuart in New York and takes the catwalk doing their unmistakable "Dancing Horse". The new clip is a partnership with the American brand, which also uses the staff singer "Dress Classy, Cheesy Dance".
PSY is one step closer to conquer the top of the Billboard singles chart. Currently the singer is in the second position, and he ensured that reaching the top spot, will give a performance of the band half-naked in his homeland.
Check out the new version of "Gangnam Style":

Justin Bieber gets sick during show debut of the new tour

Cantor vomited on stage and had to retire twice
Justin Bieber
The presentation of Justin Bieber in Glensdale in the U.S. state of Arizona last Saturday, the 29th, had an unexpected moment well. The Canadian singer fell ill in the middle of the show that marked the debut of the new tour "Believe" and vomited right there on stage.
The situation occurred during performance of the song "Out Of Town Girl", shortly after Justin descend the staircase mounted on stage, accompanied by two dancers.
Check the time in the video below:

According to website PopCrush, shortly after the incident, the singer ran to the side of the stage while her dancers were in charge of the presentation. He then returned to the show and asked the audience: "You will love me even when you're puking on stage?".
Justin Bieber still had to leave the stage a second time to go throw up, but managed to take the show to the end.
Later on Twitter, the star of "Boyfriend" commented: "Great show.'m Looking up for the show tomorrow! I love you. And (...) milk was a bad choice," he wrote, pointing the cause of his sickness.

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Bruno Mars and reveals title of new album tracks

Singer launches "Unorthodox Jukebox" in December
 Bruno Mars letras
The new album has already Bruno Mars title and tracklist revealed.
The second LP from the artist's studio will be called "Unorthodox Jukebox" and is scheduled for release December 11.
Before the album comes the first single, "Locked Out Of Heaven", which debuts on radio next Monday (1st).
Speaking to Billboard about the release, Mars revealed: "This is me going to the studio and recording and composing what I want. This album represents my freedom."
Participants design their own production group, The Smeezingtons, along with Mark Ronson (Amy Winehouse, Lily Allen), Jeff Bhasker (Beyoncé) Supa Dups and (John Legend).
"Many presidents recorders looked at me and said: 'Your song sucks, you do not know who you are, your music is a mess and do not know how to market it. Choose a path and get back to us," said the artist who refusal to limit his work.
"It was unpleasant for me because I'm not trying to be a circus attraction. Hear a lot of music and want to have the freedom and power I afford to go into a studio and say, 'Today I want to make a hip-hop, R & B, soul or rock. '"
"Unorthodox Jukebox" comes after "Doo-Wops & Hooligans," which was released in 2010 and reached the first stop of the British and American Top 3, selling six million copies worldwide.
Check out the tracklist of the new album:

One. "Locked Out Of Heaven"
2nd. "Young Girls"
3rd. "Gorilla"
4th. "When I Was Your Man"
5th. "Natalie"
6th. "Treasure"
7th. "Moonshine"
Eight. "Money Makes Her Smile"
9th. "Show Me"
10. "If I Knew"

Psy: "I'd love to work with One Direction '

In an interview, singer of "Gangnam Style" talked about influences and joked with Justin Bieber
 Psy   One Direction letras
The phenomenon Psy spoke of their main inspirations.
The singer of "Gangnam Style" the tabloid The Mirror revealed that the British Queen and her late frontman, Freddie Mercury, were responsible for awakening his interest in music.
"My example and following my dream of becoming a musician were inspired by Queen and Freddie Mercury. I remember them performing at Wembley. Freddie is a great hero to me."
"I would like to teach dance 'Gangnam Style' to Brian May," added Psy.
The South Korean singer also praised the youth of One Direction and said he wanted a partnership in the future.
"I love to work with them. They are very successful and are legal."
A good-humored, the artist said he could not work with Justin Bieber, since usually drink a lot before making partnerships.
"If I meet someone and I have to work, I have to drink a lot," said Psy. "I'm too good for drinking, especially heavy things. But Justin can not because they're old enough."
"Gangnam Style" became a worldwide hit in recent weeks, reaching the top positions in several countries. The video clip is currently the band with the most "likes" on YouTube.

Justin Bieber fan pays tribute to cancer victim

Avalanna Routh, age 6, was known as "Mrs. Bieber"
 Justin Bieber letras
Justin Bieber honored a fan of 6 years who lost his battle against a rare form of cancer on Wednesday (26).
The family of Avalanna Routh, dubbed "Bieber Lady" people nearby, wrote on Twitter: "Our dear Avalanna ascended to heaven this morning. Avalanna, the brightest star, you took our hearts, our greatest love."
Bieber also posted on the social network its regret: "I just received the worst news ever. One of the greatest souls who knew is gone. Please pray for her family and for her. Rest in peace, Avalanna. Love you."
The singer posted a picture with the girl and said: "Please show respect for her and her family. Make a prayer for her and for them. I miss you."
A few months ago, Bieber paid a visit to Routh in New York after a family friend took the initiative to promote through Facebook a meeting between the two.
In June, the star and his young fan participated in the TV program The Today Show.
After meeting personally Routh first, the artist told fans: "[It was] one of the best things I've ever done. It was fantastic!'m Feeling inspired now # SenhoraBieber."
At nine months old, Routh received the diagnosis of AT / RT (teratoid tumor / rhabdoid atypical), a rare and aggressive cancer. Most people suffering from the disease has maximum life expectancy of 1 year and currently there is no known cure.
According to pediatric oncologist Charles Roberts, the hospital staff Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, who came to organize a fake wedding for Routh, are devastated, "People are feeling a lot. Knew would happen, but it is extremely sad. "

New track from Bruno Mars arrives in early October

Cantor is already preparing video for "Locked Out Of Heaven"
 Bruno Mars letras
Bruno Mars will release a new album in December and, according to sources, in October, the singer will release her new single.
"Locked Out Of Heaven" is the first single from the new album and the video for the track is set to open in early October.
The saxophonist Bruno also revealed a portion of the track: "Could heaven be not to far away place above the sky, but a perfect place here on earth / So tell me ... how does it feel to walk right out of heaven? '.
The producer Diplo revealed that the singer's new material is genius: "Bruno is the nicest guy I ever worked with," said Diplo, "Her next album will be the biggest thing on this planet.'s Pop genius."

Lil 'Wayne confirms launch of new album

"I Am Not A Human Being II" hits stores in November
 Lil' Wayne
Lil 'Wayne has confirmed the release date of their new album.
After being postponed in July, "I Am Not A Human Being II" will be released on November 13.
The rapper explained the difference between this and the first album "I Am Not A Human Being," released in 2010:
"Last time, the song was rushed because I had to spend a holiday on the island eight months [Rikers, where Wayne spent eight months in prison], so have advanced the album, but this time, it is not so."
According to him, fans will have the quality of the album "Tha Carter IV" and "Tha Carter III" in his new LP.

Adele: "Success does not depend on his appearance"

Singer says not care for being overweight
Adele insists he does not care for being overweight and criticized other singers who use their looks to sell albums.
In an interview, the singer talked about artists who bet on to sell more suggestive videos and said: "Success does not depend on his appearance."
"I've seen these artists up close and they are not like [the videos]. I'm standing and singing. I'm not worried about being overweight and being larger than the other artists."
"Their appearance does not matter, the secret is being happy with yourself," said Adele.
The statement comes after the singer Lady Gaga criticized for gaining weight and start a revolution body in your social network, and Marina Diamandis Little Monsters, known as Marina & The Diamonds, had delayed release of her clip because it was considered ugly by his label.
Adele, who is estranged from the music world for being pregnant with her first child, will return to radio in October, with the lead track from the soundtrack of the movie "007 - Operation Skyfall." 's Supposed to, the new song is called "Let The Sky Fall"

Nicki Minaj star in his own reality show

Program to show the intimacy of the rapper will be broadcast by E!
 Nicki Minaj letras
Nicki Minaj is ready to let their fans know their intimacy, eccentricities and its many alter egos.
The rapper who just released her first fragrance, "Pink Friday," and will also star the new season of American Idol, decided to further expand its business and now has his own TV show in the format of reality show.
The news was revealed by blogger Perez Hilton, who attended the launch of her perfume on Monday (24) and obtained the information through people close to Nicki.
The reality will be broadcast by the American E! Channel, the same programs that conveys all the Kardashian family. However format, release date and when recordings are performed has not been disclosed.

Liam Payne of One Direction, ending two years of dating

Appointments prevent the group's relationship singer
 One Direction letras
The One Direction star Liam Payne had been separated from his girlfriend, with whom he had two years.
Danielle Peazer and singer met during the 2010 season of The X Factor program, in which the young girl worked as a dancer.
"They finished the last few days because it was becoming increasingly difficult to maintain relationships with the absence of Liam," said a friend of the musician of 19 years to the tabloid The Mirror.
"He could barely see Danielle in recent months and the band has a world tour next year, then things would only get more difficult."
However, the informant revealed that the atmosphere between the two remain friendly: "They broke up, but Liam hopes that things have ended in a cool way. It was the first real love of his life."
Peazer been receiving messages of aggressive fans One Direction months and had received a death threat last week.
The singer would have blocked the person responsible for the offenses on Twitter, saying it would take the case further if the verbal abuse continued.
"Tweet for telling someone to die is unfortunate. Do not care if you hate me, but save it for you instead of me tweet" wrote Peazer few months ago.
Sources close to the group said that Payne simply do not have time for a relationship with Peazer, who worked as cheerleader events in the Olympics and is close friends with Eleanor Calder Louis Tomlinson's girlfriend.
The second album from One Direction, "Take Me Home", is scheduled for release November 12.

Psy promises dancing half naked if "Gangnam Style" reach the top of the chart

South Korean rapper returned to his native country after triumphant promotional visit in the U.S.
The South Korean rapper Psy really want to get to the top of the U.S. charts. He is already promising to do "Dancing Horse" seen the clip of "Gangnam Style" case to reach the half-naked one on the Billboard. This week the song was in 11th place.
"If I get to the first luga on Billboard, I would have the courage to dance half naked in front of a huge number of people ... preferably right in front of Seoul City Hall," said the rapper 34 years at the news conference that granted after returning from a promotional visit more successful than the United States which led to several of the most popular television shows in America. The rapper was seen making his "Dancing Horse" at the VMAs and talk show host Ellen Degeneres where he also taught Britney Spears doing the choreography of the song.
The clip of "Gangnam Style" became the biggest viral of 2012 having already been accessed over 270 million times on YouTube since the time it was posted in mid-July.
As not all flowers Psy also said he felt homesick for Korea and it was hard to spend any time speaking English and to translate the interviews mentally uninterrupted caused him severe headaches.
But that's only a small complaint. The singer said that after twelve years on the road is experiencing its peak and he just has to thank for everything.
For the future he promises to release an album with English versions of his biggest hits Koreans. "I want to be more than this weird Korean who became famous with this cavalcade of dance and become a singer in Korea may have and give fun for hours and hours," said the now superstar.

Carrie Underwood gives peck fan in 12 years

Singer surprised the audience into submission within the U.S.
 Carrie Underwood
Carrie Underwood decided to give a young fan with a kiss at a concert occurred in the city of Louisville, in the U.S. state of Kentucky.
According to People magazine, Chase, 12, was seen by the star amid the crowd holding a poster in which he asked for her to give him his first kiss. After inviting him to take the stage, Underwood joked: "You're ahead of me. Was 14 when I gave my first kiss. My husband is somewhere around here, so he may find you later ".
The winner of American Idol 2005 was amused to hear that the fan wanted a kiss like "lips to lips" and told him to close his eyes, describing him as "the smartest kid ever."
After the unusual scene, the singer said so humorous: "That was the only time that happened!"
Later, on Twitter, Underwood wrote: "Thank you, Chase, and thank you for the kiss, Louisville, by waving both tonight! We had fun! # Lips on lips."
Recently, the country star, who married in 2010 to hockey player Mike Fisher, defined the married life as "wonderful".
Check out Carrie Underwood kiss given by:

See the first pictures of Miley Cyrus on the show "Two and a Half Men"

Singer will shake a girl's character Walden Schmidt, played by Ashton Kutcher

The eternal Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus, went back to work on their side actress in the new season of Two and a Half Men.
Images from the episode "What You Know Is For the Lollipop" circulating on the internet and show the singer opposite Walden and Jake, roles Ashton Kutcher and Angus T. Jones, respectively.
Miley interpret Missi, a girl just arrived in town, the daughter of a colleague Jon Cryer's character, which makes Walden begins to suffer a crisis of early middle age. In one scene, Missi appears lingerie in bed with Walden.
The episode with the participation of the voice "Can not Be Tamed" will air on October 18 in the United States.
Here are some of the scenes of Miley Cyrus:
Miley Cyrus letras

Miley Cyrus letras

Miley Cyrus letras   Miley Cyrus letras

Miley Cyrus letras

Miley Cyrus letras

Miley Cyrus talks about creating the new album

She also spoke about recording the video for "Decisions"
Miley Cyrus letras
Miley Cyrus has revealed some more details of their new album.
"I'm waiting for a release of [single] in November.'s Always that one song that we think could turn into a music work, we are very confident. Tracks I have several that are potential singles, but I say nothing for two years and want a banner that says the right thing. "
"Now, being more independent, no longer has that thing: 'What will be the next single? Write the first single.' Now I think the whole album instead of just that song.'s Focus is the quality of the whole album" Miley explained.
The singer also spoke about her participation in the band and the clip "Decisions" by borgore "That was crazy. He came into a hotel room and people were wearing clothes strangest thing you've ever seen.
"My groom was dressed unicorn. We kissed in the video, which is funny.'s The most random group. We come in and we thought, 'This looks like a party', then it will be pretty cool," concluded the voice of "The Climb ".

Jonas Brothers reveal more details about its new equipment and next single

The trio has not decided whether release a full album or an EP
 Jonas Brothers letras
During the festival iHeartRadio, the Jonas Brothers gave an interview talking about the next steps of the career of the trio.
The group will make their first show in two years on Oct. 11, at Radio City Music Hall, and in addition they are preparing for the event, the group is working on new material.
"We have about 10 or 11 songs," Nick Jonas said, "But we are still debating whether it will be an album [full] or an EP."
The owners of such hits as "Burnin 'Up" also talked about the next single.
"We are close to choosing a single, so we're very excited. We have a good team with us and we are eager to launch our music to fans," they said.

Lady Gaga responds to criticism about weight

Singer thanked fans for loving the star anyway
 Lady Gaga letras
Lady Gaga responded to criticism that he walked gaining weight so humorous: the singer walked the streets of Paris in an outfit that made ​​her more.
Gaga also posted a picture of Marilyn Monroe, along with the phrase: "To all the girls who are ugly for not wearing small, you're beautiful. Society that is ugly."
While Kelly Osbourne speculated that Lady Gaga was pregnant, the singer said that he is simply eating too much pizza and pasta.
The voice of "Born This Way" also left a message for fans: "Thank you to my fans who love me anyway and know the meaning of true beauty and compassion. Really I love you."

Perfume Lady Gaga sells six million units in the first week

"Fame" was second only to "Coco Chanel" as the biggest selling fragrance in less time
 Lady Gaga letras
It's not just the music industry that Lady Gaga makes an impact. His first fragrance became the most sold in less time in history, second only to the scent of renowned designer Coco Chanel.
"Fame," whose first perfume liquid has the color black, sold in just one week, six million units. The singer revealed on his Twitter the mark achieved.
"The reaction on 'FAME' was overwhelming. 6 million bottles a week, becoming the second fastest selling fragrance after Coco Chanel" tweeted.
For the launch of the perfume, the singer held a party in fancy well Guggenheim in New York, which featured appearances from distinguished as the designer Marc Jacobs and John Lennon's widow, Yoko Ono. Lady Gaga stayed the whole time inside a giant replica of the bottle and even got a tattoo live on the back of the head, amid the guests.
During the event, was also presented the business for more than five minutes created by Steve Klein and Ridley Scott.
Watch the commercial below from "Fame":

Pink reveals she was surprised by her husband

Carey Hart took the stage only underwear
 Pink letras
Pink revealed an unforgettable moment that was beside her husband on stage. The singer was surprised by Carey Hart, seeing him only underwear during his show.
"I'll never forget the time my husband made a surprise onstage, entering as one of my dancers, only in his underwear!" Said the voice of "Fuckin 'Perfect"
The singer also revealed that one of the people most admire is actress Diane Keaton. "I love Diane Keaton because she is fearless, unique and elegant."

New collection of Amy Winehouse will be released

"Amy Winehouse At The BBC" will have three DVDs and a CD
 Amy Winehouse
A new box with new material from Amy Winehouse will be released later this year.
"Amy Winehouse At The BBC" will feature three DVDs and one CD. Among the videos, presentations will be on "Live At Jools Holland", several songs recorded at the festival "T In The Park," among others and the documentary "Amy Winehouse - The Day She Came To Dingle".
All discs will live or acoustic versions of hits from Amy's career, such as "Rehab," "Stronger Than Me", "Fuck Me Pumps", "Tears Dry On Their Own" and "You Know I'm No Good" .
The money from the sale of the collection will be donated to the Amy Winehouse Foundation.

domingo, 23 de setembro de 2012

"Gangnam Style", Psy, the video is more tanned YouTube

Video has had over 200 million views
The success of "Gangnam Style", Psy, became more tanned the video from YouTube.
The Korean has been viewed over 200 million times since the video was posted on YouTube in July this year and 2,246,887 people clicked on 'I like this' site.
The mark puts Psy ahead of rivals like "Party Rock Anthem" by LMFAO (with 1,574,963 'enjoy'), "Baby" by Justin Bieber (with 1,327,147) and "Rolling In The Deep", the Adele (with 1,245,641)
The communications manager for Guinness World Records said: "What was the most discussed video of the last two months, it's great to give a prize to this video."
"Gangnam Style" is on iTunes first and second in the American iTunes UK. The track is also topping the charts in Belgium, Canada, Denmark and New Zealand.