domingo, 23 de setembro de 2012

Demi Lovato becomes ambassador campaign against bullying

The singer went on to support the campaign "Mean Stinks"
 Demi Lovato letras
Demi Lovato became, on Thursday (20), the ambassador of anti-bullying campaign called "Mean Stinks", which aims to encourage the end of such violence.
The singer, who was the butt of jokes and exclusion during their school life, is excited to help the cause.
"People did 'petitions hate' about me and passed each other to be signed, were parties to laugh my songs and came to my house to yell things at me," the singer revealed, "It was very hard and all that I wanted to escape. "
"So when I heard about this campaign last year thought it would be an excellent opportunity. They are really trying to put an end to bullying," added Demi.
The project uses the vanity of teenagers to promote. The campaign asks the girls who also support this cause paint the nails of the little finger of blue, since this is the finger that symbolizes promises between friends in the United States.
"For sure I'll be using [the nail blue] soon," promised the singer of "Give Your Heart A Break", "It's a way to start a conversation by saying, 'This is a promise that I will not commit and that bullying my friends are coming together for the good. '"

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