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Justin Bieber fan pays tribute to cancer victim

Avalanna Routh, age 6, was known as "Mrs. Bieber"
 Justin Bieber letras
Justin Bieber honored a fan of 6 years who lost his battle against a rare form of cancer on Wednesday (26).
The family of Avalanna Routh, dubbed "Bieber Lady" people nearby, wrote on Twitter: "Our dear Avalanna ascended to heaven this morning. Avalanna, the brightest star, you took our hearts, our greatest love."
Bieber also posted on the social network its regret: "I just received the worst news ever. One of the greatest souls who knew is gone. Please pray for her family and for her. Rest in peace, Avalanna. Love you."
The singer posted a picture with the girl and said: "Please show respect for her and her family. Make a prayer for her and for them. I miss you."
A few months ago, Bieber paid a visit to Routh in New York after a family friend took the initiative to promote through Facebook a meeting between the two.
In June, the star and his young fan participated in the TV program The Today Show.
After meeting personally Routh first, the artist told fans: "[It was] one of the best things I've ever done. It was fantastic!'m Feeling inspired now # SenhoraBieber."
At nine months old, Routh received the diagnosis of AT / RT (teratoid tumor / rhabdoid atypical), a rare and aggressive cancer. Most people suffering from the disease has maximum life expectancy of 1 year and currently there is no known cure.
According to pediatric oncologist Charles Roberts, the hospital staff Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, who came to organize a fake wedding for Routh, are devastated, "People are feeling a lot. Knew would happen, but it is extremely sad. "

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