domingo, 30 de setembro de 2012

Adele: "Success does not depend on his appearance"

Singer says not care for being overweight
Adele insists he does not care for being overweight and criticized other singers who use their looks to sell albums.
In an interview, the singer talked about artists who bet on to sell more suggestive videos and said: "Success does not depend on his appearance."
"I've seen these artists up close and they are not like [the videos]. I'm standing and singing. I'm not worried about being overweight and being larger than the other artists."
"Their appearance does not matter, the secret is being happy with yourself," said Adele.
The statement comes after the singer Lady Gaga criticized for gaining weight and start a revolution body in your social network, and Marina Diamandis Little Monsters, known as Marina & The Diamonds, had delayed release of her clip because it was considered ugly by his label.
Adele, who is estranged from the music world for being pregnant with her first child, will return to radio in October, with the lead track from the soundtrack of the movie "007 - Operation Skyfall." 's Supposed to, the new song is called "Let The Sky Fall"

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