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One Direction's producer talks about new album

Savan Kotecha says "Take Me Home" is a continuation of their debut album "Up All Night"
 One Direction
The new album from One Direction show no radical change, according to producer and songwriter Savan Kotecha.
Savan, one of the composers of the tracks "Live While We're Young," "One Thing" and "What Makes You Beautiful," revealed the producers behind the album struggled to make "Take Me Home" was an extension of "up All Night. "
"We only had a range of stunning success in the first album, so most people only heard that song. Changing everything now would not be the best course of action at this stage," explained the producer.
"The idea was to continue the fun atmosphere of 'What Makes You Beautiful', but with more bold letters."
And what is the meaning of the words "Tonight let's get some / And live while we're young" from "Live While We're Young"? "It's about buying donuts," joked the composer.
"Take Me Home" hits stores in November.

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