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Justin Bieber gets sick during show debut of the new tour

Cantor vomited on stage and had to retire twice
Justin Bieber
The presentation of Justin Bieber in Glensdale in the U.S. state of Arizona last Saturday, the 29th, had an unexpected moment well. The Canadian singer fell ill in the middle of the show that marked the debut of the new tour "Believe" and vomited right there on stage.
The situation occurred during performance of the song "Out Of Town Girl", shortly after Justin descend the staircase mounted on stage, accompanied by two dancers.
Check the time in the video below:

According to website PopCrush, shortly after the incident, the singer ran to the side of the stage while her dancers were in charge of the presentation. He then returned to the show and asked the audience: "You will love me even when you're puking on stage?".
Justin Bieber still had to leave the stage a second time to go throw up, but managed to take the show to the end.
Later on Twitter, the star of "Boyfriend" commented: "Great show.'m Looking up for the show tomorrow! I love you. And (...) milk was a bad choice," he wrote, pointing the cause of his sickness.

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