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Demi Lovato talks about her new album to Teen Vogue

The singer was interviewed and did a photo shoot for the magazine
 Demi Lovato letras
Demi Lovato, who recently went to Brazil to perform at the Festival Z, did a photo shoot and gave an interview to U.S. magazine Teen Vogue.
"The amount of success I have, even just in the last six months, it is amazing to me," Demi said, referring to his first place ranking in the U.S. and the success of The X Factor.
Asked about the advice I would give to newcomers, Demi Lovato said it is important to prepare mentally.
"The moment I became more focused and aware of who I am, my performances became better and I could relate better to people," said the voice of "Give Your Heart A Break."
"When exposed myself and said 'I'm human, I have problems and want to share them,' I began to really connect. Just started working on my fourth album and I want to do this also in my music.'m Tired of songs 
that do not have emotion. "
Check out more photos of Demi Lovato in Teen Vogue's essay:

Demi Lovato letras   Demi Lovato letras

Demi Lovato letras

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