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Liam Payne of One Direction, says he is worried about Zayn Malik

For the singer, colleague still can not deal with fame
 One Direction letras   One Direction letras
Liam Payne of One Direction, admitted that cares about the way Mr Zayn Malik is dealing with fame.
After a recording where the singer hired a program surfaced, Malik has been more often in the spotlight, also receiving harassing messages from Twitter users.
In an interview with The Sun tabloid, Payne said: "The only person with whom Zayn is really troubles me, because I think he is not quite used to it all. Terrible things He dealt with on Twitter," said the singer of 19 years .
"I think he still has not adapted, I'm sure he'll get. He's my best friend. I have to take care of him."
The musician added: "It is madness to think I did not know two years ago and now they are my best friends."
Payne admitted that three years ago, almost gave up performing after her first audition on the X Factor, which was unsuccessful.

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