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Fifty years ago the Beatles released their first single

"Love Me Do" reached the 17th place of the charts in 1962
 The Beatles letras
October 5, 1962, a revolution was about to begin, but nobody even knew about it, including its main orchestrators. That was the day that the British Parlophone placed in stores the compact of a quartet that had been newly hired called The Beatles. "Love Me Do", truth be told, nor was anything too special. A song for beyond simple letter with naive, though well feitinha. Anyway was well above the average of the market went flipping those times where the rock seemed doomed to disappear.
 The Beatles letras
The biggest news is that the disquinho both the main track as the B-side ("PS I Love You") were original compositions of the two band leaders: John Lennon and Paul McCartney - that time was rare artists are also the authors of their songs. But the two had to fight hard to achieve this since the producer George Martin initially wanted them to launch an alien composition called "How Do You Do It."
The band tapped his foot and he said something like "if you have something better than that I throw." "Love Me Do" was presented and the producer's heart was bent - but he likes to remember that "How's It's You" reached number one some time later to be recorded by Gerry And The Pacemakers.
Love Me Do, reached number 17 of the charts, a feat for a group unknown location, but nothing near what would happen a few months later - the second single Please Please Me January 1963 and reached number two soon Beatlemania was already established in Britain, and not long after, in the USA and from the rest of the world.

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