terça-feira, 28 de agosto de 2012

"X Factor has gone too far," says Noisettes

Double thinks the program is not good for career participants
 The Noisettes letras
The Noisettes The duo, in an interview, said of the talent programs.
According to the band, who released their new album, "Contact", this week, the program The X Factor has given what he had to give.
"I think we've gone too far, I'm sure that will change at some point, but the program will run out, then something else will come and everyone will love," said guitarist Dan Smith.
The singer and bassist Shinghai Shoniwa agreed: "I ​​do not think letting someone be judged to be the best way to prove your talent. Seems to work for some people, but have not yet seen anyone who has longevity or career that you enjoy is having.
Shinghai continues: "One bad thing is that the career of the participants is controlled by those who control the program and which allowed the candidates were judged by millions of people. I think it creates a cynicism in the public and means they will not have the open mind as to buy music. "

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