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Jonas Brothers want to collaborate with Lady Gaga

Joe Jonas suggested, on Twitter, the singer with the trio write
 Jonas Brothers letras
The Jonas Brothers are preparing a new album, the follow up to "Lines, Vines And Trying Times," and calling artists weight.
This album will be the first since the brothers broke with Hollywood Records, Disney. According to Joe, the boys now have nearly 15 tracks honest and fun, everything that went on in the last three years.
On Monday (27), Joe Jonas sent a message to Lady Gaga, for Twitter, saying that the trio would love to write with the singer.
 Joe Jonas letras
While the new album is not ready, the brothers engage in other forms: Kevin Jonas star reality show "Married To Jonas" and Nick Jonas, who is seeking a seat on "American Idol," take part, along with Demi Lovato, the "X Factor".

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