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View new tattoos Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Chris Brown

Christina Aguilera, One Direction, Taylor Swift and Avril Lavigne are also among the highlights
This week several artists made ​​news because of his new body adornments. Lady Gaga has finally released her fragrance "Fame" and during the event, the singer tattooed the image of an angel on the back of the head, in the presence of all the guests.
Rihanna in turn, added a tattoo of No. 18 to his body. To honor his grandmother who died in June, the voice of "Where Have You Been" drew down their breasts the image of the Egyptian goddess Isis.
But it was Chris Brown who has more to talk about. The singer was bombarded with criticism because the image you recorded on your neck: a woman with marks on her face, which many believe to have enough resemblance to the pictures of Rihanna, disclosed at the time to beat. However, the singer's team tried to clarify the story, stating that it is a random woman.
See also the covers of new singles from Christina Aguilera, Calvin Harris and One Direction, Taylor Swift's arrival in Rio de Janeiro for the album "Red", Avril Lavigne and boyfriend Chad Kroeger strolling through Paris and Katy Perry sipping tea and being little girls interviewed by Sophia Grace and Rosie's the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Pink letras              No Doubt letras
Pink print the new magazine Fabulous                     Gwen Stefani is the cover of Marie
                                                                                              Claire U.S.

Christina Aguilera letras             Calvin Harris letras
"Your Body," a song that marks the                      Art official "Sweet Nothing" from 
    return of Christina Aguilera                                      Calvin Harris in partnership
                                                                                       with  Florence Welch

Example letras            Missy Elliott letras
"The Evolution of Man," the singer's                     "Triple Threat" is the track that marks
         new single Example                                        the return of rapper Missy Elliott
Lawson letras            One Direction letras
"Standing In The Dark" is the new                        Cover of "Live While We're Young" 
  music of the British Lawson                                    single from One Direction ...

Justin Bieber letras           Lady Gaga letras
  And Justin Bieber's apartment                           Lady Gaga does the tattoo on the 
     cooking Niall Horan                                       head  of the perfume launch party

Lady Gaga letras
                           and the singer coming to an event in New York

Rihanna letras          Chris Brown letras
Rihanna's new tattoo in honor of                         Chris Brown photo shows the outline 
    his deceased grandmother                                  of your next tattoo: a plane in 
                                                                                       the abdomen

Chris Brown letras
       controversy and tattoo on his neck, a woman with marks on her face

Taylor Swift letras
       Taylor Swift arrives in Rio pocket to show to publicize the album "Red"

Paramore letras           Paramore letras
    Hayley Williams of Paramore,                            and Jeremy and Taylor posing 
announces photo making cupcake ...                      alongside  the members of You
                                                                                           Me At Six

Shakira letras
                         Shakira in the studio with his band in

Britney Spears letras
    Britney and Demi write her hands at Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood

Avril Lavigne letras          Adam Lambert letras
   Avril Lavigne and boyfriend                              Adam Lambert, silver-haired, 
    Chad Kroeger stroll in Paris                          accompanying parade in New York

Katy Perry letras
               Katy Perry takes tea with the girls program Ellen DeGeneres

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