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Pink claims to have received death threats from fans of Chris Brown

Joke on Twitter has brought problems to the star
 Pink letras   Chris Brown
Pink revealed that some fans of Chris Brown sent him death threats after she made ​​a joke about the singer on Twitter.
After Brown's performance at the awards Billboard Music Awards in May, the star tweeted: "If one day I do playback, I hope to do as well as he."
The singer of "Who Knew," which insists that the tweet was meant to be relaxed, was the target of abuse from social network users then.
"The internet has created monsters. People are afraid to say anything in person, but they put a keyboard under my fingers, and as the saying goes, 'Anonymity is a shield from the tyranny of the majority'," said the site Pink News . com.au.
"There are many people in the world full of hatred, so many people miserable. Was a joke. Was not anything like 'I hate Chris Brown." Twitter brings out the best and worst of people - and I'm included in that. Chris Brown Case earned me death threats for days. My favorite was' I'll kidnap you and put your life on the line. "not sure how that works exactly, but whatever."
Pink also received nasty messages after being announced as the new face of cosmetics company CoverGirl:
"After the announcement, someone tweeted me: 'What a pity that they can not use Photoshop to make your face bitch." Probably they were proud of themselves when writing it. But that's our society, is where we are right now ".

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